Characteristics :
  • • Environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lighting fixtures
  • • Production & development entirely in the Netherlands
  • • Efficient light control through LED optics
  • • Ceramic Cree high-power LEDs instead of plastic LEDs
  • • Extremely long service life, L90B10> 109,000 burning hours (only 10% light loss)
  • • Dali dimmable or On | Off
  • • Luminaires produced according to project specifications
  • • Available in a 15-200 watt version
  • • Beam angles according to IESNA classification
  • • Philips Xitanium fully programmable driver
  • • Is eligible for the Energy Investment Allowance 2019 (EIA)

Product benefits:
  • • Unprecedented service life with minimal maintenance
  • • Very low "total cost of ownership"
  • • Minimum glare due to the use of LED optics
  • • Fewer luminaires required due to extremely low lumen drop
  • • Light output at least> 90% over the warranty period

Guarantee :
  • • 5 years warranty
  • • Warranty on both LEDs and transformer


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Libra Series 15-80Watt
Libra Series 15-80Watt
Libra Series 150-200 Watt
Libra Series 150-200 Watt


Quality from the Netherlands
The Libra Series is a high-quality energy-efficient street lighting fixture for years of worry-free lighting. The Libra Series is produced entirely in the Netherlands, using only components and parts of the highest attainable quality. Whereas other LED luminaires have a 30% reduction in light at less than 50,000 burning hours, the Libra Series only has 10% reduction in light at more than 109,000 burning hours. The Libra fixture is also fully made to measure on a project basis. With the installation of the Libra Series street lighting, the luminaires appear more focused, unwanted light pollution is reduced and energy consumption is reduced.

Ceramic LEDs
For economic reasons, LED luminaires in the current market are often equipped with LEDs made of plastic. The plastic in this "cheaper" LED serves as a reflector and heat conductor for the internal LED chips. However, the LED is not resistant to the higher temperatures that arise in applications with a lot of light. Higher temperatures in combination with the heating and cooling cycle will cause the plastic to become brittle and discolored over time, greatly reducing the reflection. As a result, the LEDs quickly lose their initial light intensity. This process, depending on the total heat management of the complete luminaire, can ensure that even within a few years, the luminaires are due for replacement because the light intensity is no longer sufficient or that luminaires fail due to a defective LED circuit.

The Libra Series is equipped with a large number of CREE High-power LEDs. The basis of these LEDs are made of a ceramic material. High temperatures and the conversion of energy to light have no influence on the ceramic. These LEDs also have no reflector that can age. These high-quality LEDs are mounted on a printed circuit board consisting of 99.6% pure aluminum, so that the LED can quickly transfer its generated heat to the aluminum housing. This engineering allows the ambient temperature to cool the entire fixture well.

Different versions
The Libra Series is available in various powers, light colors and with various angle angles. Every light beam is bundled as efficiently and controlled as possible by means of optics. In this way the light is controlled efficiently and with minimal scattered light. This means that a nice, pleasant and glare-free light image can be achieved for every application. Lednovate also produces the Libra fixture fully custom-made on a project basis. This allows all wishes of the customer to be translated.

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